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Late/Absence Procedures/Gweithdrefnau Hwyr/Absenoldeb



Last year the school attendance figures improved again with an average of 96.1% and we aim to continue improving.

Each child is given a target of 98% which allows a few days for illness, each term parents are notified of their child’s current attendance data so that the children can work towards their annual target.

Last year 41 children achieved 100% attendance which was excellent.


Reporting absences


If your child is unable to attend school for any reason, please notify the class teacher or the school on the first morning of the absence. A note may be sent with a sibling or a telephone call made to the school, or an e-mail sent into school. Parents of pupils who are not in school and have not informed the school will be contacted at 9.30AM to check on the child’s whereabouts.

As long as a satisfactory reason is given, the absence will be recorded as authorized. If no explanation is given, the absence will be recorded as unauthorized, as is statutory requirement. Attendance figures are recorded electronically and supplied on request.


Children who are late for school will be given a late mark but pupils more than half an hour late, arriving after 9.25 am, will be marked as an unauthorized absence in accordance with the Government Legislation.


If pupils are persistently late or show a regular pattern of absence, parents will be invited in to discuss these issues following communication and warning letters that punctuality and attendance is being monitored. If matters do not improve, the Vale education welfare service will be notified and a fine may be issued.