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Victoria Primary SchoolTogether we aim for the stars

Please see updated letter regarding arrangements for September. Reminder-the cost of school meals is now £2.35 per day

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.
Miss Clissett
Miss Griffiths
Miss Najjar
Miss Smith
Miss Thomas
Miss Wakalska
Miss Warne
Mrs Young
Mr Adams
Mr Evans
Mr Husband
Mr Steen
Mr Ward
Mrs Borde
Mrs Cummins
Mrs Daniels
Mrs David
Mrs Davies
Mrs Frayne
Mrs Gape
Mrs Glover
Mrs Gooding
Mrs Halliwell
Mrs Kerr
Mrs Kerr-Smith
Mrs Moreton
Mrs Paley
Miss Starke
Mrs Tunley
Mrs Wason
Mrs Wragg
Mrs Young
Mrs Bullock
Mrs Orefice
Mrs Steen
Miss Green