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The school’s aims in Welsh are to:

Develop children’s ability to ask and answer a range of questions and use an increasing range of phrases and sentences with some accuracy.

Develop knowledge and understanding of important sentence patterns (linked to the Continuum of Welsh Language Patterns) so that they can talk about their experiences, present personal and factual information and give a brief explanation.

Provide opportunities where children can apply key skills to enhance their understanding of the Welsh language.


Use appropriate vocabulary to communicate ideas.


Develop children’s confidence and pronunciation when speaking in front of peers.


Develop independent writing, presenting ideas and information appropriately, proof read, edit and revise work.


To promote the teaching of numeracy and literacy through the Polisi Cymraeg by using the LNF.


In Welsh, learners develop their communication skills across the curriculum through the skills of oracy, reading, writing and wider communication.


Their communication skills in Welsh support and enhance the development of skills in other languages.


Develop the attitudes of critical reflection, enjoyment, curiosity, perseverance, co-operation, turn taking, creativity, inventiveness, open mindedness and willingness to tolerate uncertainty.




  • In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 2 Welsh is taught as a subject following a topic. Cross – curricular links to other areas of the curriculum are made where appropriate.

  • A new scheme of work was implemented in September 2014

  • Curriculum maps have been updated to reflect changes in the New Scheme of Work created by The Central South Consortium as ‘The themes, activities and resources are flexible.’


  • The Scheme of Work is divided into year groups from Nursery to Year 6; each year group has been divided into units; each unit is subdivided into steps; each step or ‘Cam’ contains the language patterns taken from the Continuum; each ‘Cam’ has an element of revision and extension built in; the extensions in each unit are aimed at providing an element of flexibility and challenge; in almost all instances a ‘Cam’ could take longer to achieve than one lesson;


  • Progression from a ‘Cam’ will take place when a majority of the pupils can achieve the language patterns independently.