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The school’s aims in Science and Knowledge and Understanding of the World are to:

  • Develop the scientific skills of questioning, making suggestions and predicting, fair testing, observing, using equipment and measuring, recording and communicating findings, drawing conclusions and identifying patterns and trends. This will lead to children learning to work as scientists; planning and undertaking scientific investigations and considering evidence derived from them.

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of important scientific ideas, processes and skills and relate these to everyday experiences.

  • Be curious about the phenomena children observe, experience and explore relating to the world around them.

  • Provide opportunities where children can apply key skills to enhance their understanding of Science concepts.

  • Use appropriate scientific and mathematical vocabulary to communicate ideas.

  • Develop a respect for the environment and living things and an understanding of how human activity impacts these things.

  • Develop children’s skills of investigation and to enhance their knowledge of how the world is constructed from their earliest experiential play within the Foundation Phase to more sophisticated whole investigations by the end of Key Stage 2.

  • Develop the attitudes of critical reflection, enjoyment, curiosity, perseverance, co-operation, turn taking, creativity, inventiveness, and respect for evidence, open mindedness and willingness to tolerate uncertainty.

  • Work with other schools to share good practice in order to improve this policy.




  • Curriculum maps have been revised to reflect changes as published in the Foundation Phase framework and Curriculum 2008 ensuring compliance with statutory orders as well as the themes set out in the Cornerstones material.

  • Schemes of work are being updated through collation of medium / short term planning that highlight changes in pedagogy and links between different subjects that complement key skills consolidation.

  • In the foundation phase and Key Stage 2 aspects of Science are taught in the context of a Cornerstones topic where there are natural links to be made. Links to other areas of the curriculum are made where appropriate e.g. mathematics and ICT. Discreet Science lessons are taught where the topic does not provide a suitable context for delivery of the range and skills.

  • Although no formal regular homework is given in this subject area, there is an expectation that children in year5/6 will be given a mini homework topic where features of the Sun and planets in the solar system will be covered.