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Enjoy your half term break! We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 2nd November






The school’s aims in English are to:

  • Develop the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

  • Enable children to become clear, confident speakers.

  • Instill an interest in reading for both purpose and enjoyment.

  • Communicate clearly and precisely through the written word.

  • Use a range of media to present work.

  • Apply key skills across the curriculum.

  • Develop a love of the English language.



    We offer pupils a broad and balanced literacy curriculum in order to promote effective learning opportunities based on the Foundation Phase Framework and Key Stage 2 National Curriculum 2008. The curriculum is thematic based wherever possible and links between subject areas are harnessed and developed effectively. In Key Stage 2, English will occasionally be taught as a discrete subject. The formal requirements of the National Curriculum are supported and enriched by a range of visits and visitors that the school organises.